Maildrop Host: Sends mail asynchronously through an SMTP server.

Maildrop Hosts allow you to send mail via the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). Mail delivery is completely decoupled from message creation and handled by an independent daemon (see the maildrop subdirectory inside the MaildropHost product folder on the file system). The MaildropHost is a drop-in replacement for standard Zope MailHost objects.

The asynchronous processing makes sending mail out of Zope scalable and removes the inevitable wait time for the user if a message is being sent synchronously, such as with the standard Zope MailHost.

As another advantage the Maildrop Host can be run in ZODB transaction-aware mode. This prevents sending of multiple emails if a web request has to be retried due to conflict errors inside Zope and it will not send the email at all if the request encounters an unrecoverable error.

This object can be used by the tag to handle delivery of mail, just like the standard MailHost.